Jim Chuchu:
In Conversation


Presented by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery Space.City





Kenyan artist Jim Chuchu takes us on profound and dizzying journeys of psycho-spiritual time travel, spanning distant African pasts and potential Afro-futures. He remixes the popular religious experience of spiritualpossession—the penetration of the human body, at times willful, at times unbidden, by the vast invisible forces of the universe. In many communities in African and its Diaspora, spiritual presences are summoned into the body of the novice through dance, music, chanting, masking and other disciplines. The initial experience of possession, many devotees explain, is often terrifying, experienced as a kind of dreadful, incapacitating illness or sense of free-fall. Seeking healing, the possessed often join secret societies or “cults of affliction” that promise them relief from the terrors of the possessing other.

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