Tatiana Bilbao:
Unlimited means

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Tatiana Bilbao was born in 1972 in the Federal District , Mexico, within
a family of architects: one of his grandfathers was a notable architect in Bilbao , Basque Country , Spain . His parents are physico and founders of Bilbao College , in the Federal District. He studied architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana , from which he graduated in 1996. In 1998 he won honorable mention for careers and further recognition for the best thesis of the year.

In 1998 he served as Advisor in the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of the Federal District. In 2000, co-founded the company Laboratory SC Mexico City, along with architect Fernando Romero. Establishing one of the first practices of contemporary architecture in the country. In addition to various architectural projects, LCM was a laboratory of ideas trying to promote knowledge of contemporary culture in general organizing talks, lectures, debates and exhibitions of architecture and related practices, art, music, theater.

In 2004, he founded Tatiana Tatiana Bilbao SC with projects in China, Europe and Mexico. The first project was the office room Exhibitions Hall in Jinhua, led the project and coordinated by the Chinese artist and architect Ai Wei Wei, who met a team of young architects from different countries to develop a fleet of large area divided into pavilions and located on the coast of Yiwu River near Shanghai. Bilbao was commissioned to design the Exhibition Hall (also known as "Exhibit Space ')